Elevator People

Elevator People

This afternoon my husband and I stepped into an elevator in a town away from home. We were only going a few floors and then out to dinner. Normally shy and reserved, I always look forward to the few moments of silence and reflection an elevator ride provides.

“Good afternoon, folks!” Just as the doors closed a man and his wife jumped through the opening. A happy, playful/sanguine man as well, my husband replied, “Hello, how are you doing?” I rolled my eyes. How can anyone see a brief ride in a small box with people you have never seen before or never will see again as an opportunity to make a new friend?

I’m sure you have heard the saying, “He has never met a stranger.” I heard it often growing up. Someone who is described that way is definitely a playful/sanguine person, always looking for a new friend.

However, to me, a purposeful/melancholy person, everyone is a stranger. It takes more than a brief “howdy!” to form a friendship. Spontaneous social situations are not fun or sought after. I prefer to stay in my comfortable little world of a few close friends.

What about you? Are you one of “those” elevator people?

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  1. Hahaha! I have to confess to being one of “those” people. I mean, here you are, in this one small space, for a limited amount of time. Everything in the universe has worked together to join you in time and space with these mysterious other people in the elevator. How can you NOT want to find out about them? They could be famous! They might be Fortune 100 CEOs! They might know a great place to buy sassy red shoes! I just have to know…

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